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Valore – Glass Cleaner and Sealer – Everything You Need to Know

We all love to install glass in our windows, shower doors, and shelves because of its sheer elegance and transparency. For this, we need Glass Cleaner and Sealer. This glass looks luxurious only when spotless. Small dust particles, debris, and dirt often spoil their beauty and appearance. Often glass gets damaged with acidic cleaners. Mold, mildew, soap scum, and hard water dots are other major problems that affect glass. Cleaning the surface once often is useless as these stains recur with the next use. If you too face similar issues on a recurring basis, then we have the most amazing glass cleaner and sealers to clean the stains and also prevent them from forming again. 

You will be able to better identify with our products once you understand the basic problems with glass:

Why does Window Glass get so dirty?

  • Hard water has calcium and magnesium minerals that appear whitish once the water evaporates. These are known as hard water stains that make your surface dirty.
  • Soap scum often gets settled on the glass after mixing with hard water and soap. This also damages the beauty of your surfaces. Soap scum also grows in damp places like showers.
  • If you use acidic cleaners, your glass might have etching marks. These are rough patches on the surface that ruin its smoothness, shine, and beauty. Moreover, soap scum and other debris get accumulated in etched surfaces, leading to corrosion over a period of time.
  • Door frames of shower glass are often in contact with the damp wall tiles. If mold is present on the wall tile, it spreads to the glass as well.

To solve all your problems, pFOkUS – the best glass cleaner and sealer manufacturing company in the United States has manufactured the best products for glass cleaning, sealing, and maintenance.  These are designed after years of research to keep the beauty of your shower. Below we have explained in detail about our incredible products. 

Valore Maintenance:

Valore Maintenance is a very efficient shower glass cleaner that we recommend to use once you have deep cleaned and sealed your glass surfaces. It forms a hydrophilic layer on your glass, thereby making the water sheet off from the surface. It not only cleans superficial dirt and stains but also prevents them from forming or settling. You can preserve the beauty of the glass with this best glass protector with very little effort.

But if your glass door has lost all its clarity and beauty, then you need to deep clean it first using a powerful glass cleaner that is gentle on the surface and yet tough on the stains. Our glass cleaners and sealers are explained below.

Benaz – A Powerful Glass Cleaner:

 Benaz is a revolutionary product manufactured by pFOkUS.  It is the right cleaner for your glass that restores the glass to its utmost level of clarity. It removes all the hard water dots, stains,  mold, and mildew and etching marks without damaging the surface. You can expect an ideal clarity of your glass surface similar to when it was new. It is the perfect glass cleaner to restore the original beauty of your glass.

Valore Sealer – An Incredible Glass Sealer:

Valore sealer is our incredible glass sealing product that should be used after cleaning the surface with Benaz. It is a top sealant for glass that covers and protects it with its thin and transparent appearance. It does not look bulky, yet is quite strong. Valore Sealer is a proper sealer that provides coating protection by forming a preventive waterproof layer on the glass, making the water sheet off from the surface. It will prevent dirt, stains, dust, soap scum, or mold from damaging the glass. It will also prevent your doors from getting etched.

So, quickly grab all our glass cleaner and sealer products to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of your surfaces.

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