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What is the Purpose of Stair Nosing

Do you want your home to have a welcoming ambience? Trust us flooring accessories plays an important role in your home decor. Be it flooring, walls, furniture and staircase, all grab your guests’ attention. Wooden stair nosing is a crucial accessory that not only complements your stairs but also adds to the safety. It highly reduces tripping or slipping accidents. 

Whether it’s home or office set up, the stair nosing is an inherent part of your stair design. In fact, nosing plays a crucial part, to know more keep reading the article. 

So, without further ado, let us understand what is stair nosing and what purpose nosing serves?

What Is Stair Nosing?

A flat portion at the edge of each step, where you normally place your foot is stair nosing. Nosing is made using different materials like aluminium, wood or vinyl. For houses, wood and vinyl are preferred for staircases. When it comes to commercial properties, aluminium should be opted, as the traffic would be more and hence the staircase has to bear more pressure. Nosing has a non slip surface, which helps in reducing the risk of skidding and tripping and safety is enhanced.

At All in All, you can find an array of matching nosing to complete and complement your stairs. They also offer an extensive selection of flooring accessories, including door bar, trims, underlays, adhesives and more. The accessories that they offer are of high quality. Select as per your home interiors and it will help to keep a common theme and improve the aesthetics of your abode. 

Purpose of Nosing

There are many uses of nosing, we are mentioning a few of them here. Keep reading.

Increases the life of Stairs

Nosing is very important stair accessory and a must have too. It directly helps in increasing the lifespan of the stairs. It saves the most exposed area of the steps from daily wear and tear. It protects the stairs that have to bear extra traffic from chipping or breaking away. This is common in wood or concrete staircase.

It enhances the safety 

It increases the safety of the users who walk up and down the steps. Safety is most important, especially when you have kids at home. Without using it, the chances of accidents happening increases manifold. As per a report, every minute, a person trips in the UK. Nosing makes walking risk free as it increases the surface area. It provides extra grip and thus the incidents of tripping or falling decreases to almost zero. In commercial setups, one should use rubber or aluminium nosing.

Transforms the staircase 

It transforms the staircase and enhances the home or office interiors. It is advisable that you shop nosing or any other floor accessories as per your decor, wall colours and furniture. This would give your flooring a seamless finish.

Nosing is also essential as it helps in defining the edge of each step, this improves the visibility of the steps. It makes it effortless to notice the end of each tread. This works great for the areas with low lighting. It is a must requirement in commercial settings.

Your renovation project is incomplete until everything is taken care of, like door bars and trims. If you are installing new flooring, make sure you also install underlay for heating and acoustics reasons. 

At All in All, solid wood door bars, self-adhesive vinyl and laminate bars are on offer. You can select as per your requirements. They are in stock in different profiles like T Bar, Ramp Bar, Semi Ramp Bar and End Bar.

Hope after reading this article you have you understood the importance of nosing. Happy home renovation!

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