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Things to Remember While Picking Out Rugs for Your Home

Rugs are used to make the cold floors cozy. In carpeted areas, these serve as a fabulous addition and offer more protection to the carpet as well as the floor. If you are living in high traffic areas, such as hallways, use the rugs in your living room and bedroom in order to get coziness and quietness. West Elm offers easy access to quality rugs, so use west elm uae promo code and save a great amount on your shopping.

While buying a rug, you must notify the size and style according to the place where it will be placed. Geometric, modern, neutral (wool, rope, rattan, and jute) and patterned (ikat, floral, diamond, and chevron) carpets are some of the significant styles to select from. Moreover, texture matters a lot. You can choose from the hooked, tufted, knotted, and weave texture as per your interior requirement and your taste. 

Rugs for Living Room

As far as rugs for the living room are concerned, prefer the large size rugs. The small size will give an impression of a small and cluttered living room. On the other hand, the large size makes the room spacious and organized. 

If you have a coffee table, sofa, or ottoman, place the rugs in the central area and cover the front area of armchairs and the sofa. The furniture with a rug develops your area and gives an aesthetic and clean appearance. 

Before confirming your order for a living room rug, choose the material according to your surroundings. Instead of selecting a satin fiber rug, prefer wool or shaggy rug if you have kids or pets in your home. The west elm uae promo code will definitely make the shopping profitable and within your budget.

 Rugs for Dining Area

Most people consider it awkward to place a rug in the dining area; however, it works well and shows the dining area more comfy and lavish. If you are worried about the right size of the rug that would be placed under the dining table, then measure the size of the dining table and add 60 cm for each side to get the ideal size of the rug. Always consider that dining chairs must be placed properly on the rug. Having unstable chairs will make the dining area horrible. To avoid such a mishap, choose a flat rug that can keep the chairs stable and make the cleaning easy for you. Do not use high-pile, shaggy, or sheepskin rugs in your dining room.

Rugs for Bedroom 

If you have a standard size bedroom having a double bed, choose a rug of (7.8 foot in size) that can get vanished under the bed and give an impression of a spacious area. In case, you prefer to use a rug just in front of your bed, it is recommended to leave almost half a meter space between the outer wall and the rug. Choose bold design rugs if you need to use the same rug multiple times in your bedroom. While placing different rugs in the bedroom, remember the rugs must have same palette and similar shades to give a harmonious effect. Get the west elm uae promo code to choose different patterns, colors, sizes, and texture of rugs on economical rates. 

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