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Curtain Hacks: How to Give Your Cheap Curtains a Custom Designer Look

Nothing goes wrong with a well-dressed window because if there is one thing that can make a major statement inside a room, it’s the curtain. Aside from giving light filter and privacy, curtains are also one of the best ways to add class and drama to an ordinary space.

But, here’s a reality check. Custom curtains that are sewn in a special way can be very expensive. You might ask: “How come a piece of fabric costs an arm and a leg?”. Whilst sewists can easily snag fabrics at $30 per metre, do not forget it takes a lot of metres to create a finished curtain. Considering the Australian economy, you can expect higher production and installation costs due to workforce demands for higher wages. You know what they say: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. 

The sad part, though, is accepting the fact that custom curtains are more expensive than we thought.  Luckily, you can still decorate your place like what you have always wanted without skimping on curtains that will bring in a luxury palace vibe to your home. With a few tweaks, you can easily give those store-bought curtains a fancy designer upgrade for less. 

Pick the right curtains. 

Choosing the right design can make a big difference. Whilst there are lots of cheap finds for curtain panels, it takes a strong sense of design to spot that hidden treasure. Pro tip when picking the right curtain, always look for wide panels. Curtain panels should be at least 2 times the width of your window; otherwise, they will look cheap. Have at least two curtain panels on each side of the window to create an extra volume. You can also add complementary sheers in between. When it comes to length, choose curtain panels that skim the floor even from a high rod that almost touches the ceiling.   

Another element to look at is the pleat. Pleated curtains always look rich and elegant which makes them more expensive than the others. If you think pleated curtains are beyond your price range, you can easily modify a plain curtain with DIY pleats. Ofc, sewing skills are a great advantage!     

Steam the panels.   

Before I teach you how to hang those curtains, make sure to iron any wrinkles out first. Wrinkled curtains are a great indicator of low-cost materials. Remember, your goal in the first place is to conceal the price tag that an unpolished curtain can tell. So, avoid this rookie mistake and better train your curtains to give them a super smooth, refined look. 

Consider using hardware statements. 

As we get closer to the hanging phase, a few hardware elements like rods and rings can add a chic side to any window treatment. Choose thicker and more substantial rods, especially if you have a large room and your curtains are a bit heavy. Remember, the more expensive look you want to obtain, the thicker and more-oversized your statements should be.

When it comes to picking the right colour, always look for rods and rings that complement one another. Consider a faceted gold set to indicate grandeur and richness all over the place. Anything that’s metallic is more textured and striking, so never ever trust a plastic statement for your curtains.     

Hang them high and wide. 

Once you’re all set, it’s time to make a killer curtain display. A stylish rule of thumb is to mount your rods pretty close to the ceiling for a literally and figuratively high-end look. This way helps make your windows look taller and bigger like the ones from a luxury palace. Now, extend your rods at least one foot past the window case. Make necessary adjustments on the panels to create natural folds.   

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