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Cleaning Your Outdoor Rugs

When it comes to furniture accessories the perfect couple to any setting is a rug. Indoor or outdoor rugs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. These rugs also help in defining your space and add ambiance to your setting. 

Rugs can be of two types, outdoor rugs, and indoor rugs. You have to take special care of your rugs to keep them free of dust and stains. Waste by pets and birds, stains of food, liquid spills, and dirt brought in with the wind, as well as exposure to the elements can add to the damage and deterioration of your outdoor rugs and affect their overall appearance. 

While outdoor rugs often get dirty easier, it is not difficult to keep them in good shape with a bit of regular TLC. They are made to be used outdoors thus, they will usually dry quickly and are easy to clean. Additionally, they are made to resist fading so you don’t have to worry about that if your outdoors is in direct sun. 

We have put together some effective tips to help you in keeping your rugs beautiful and clean for longer:

With the right care and maintenance, your carpet will last for years as an outdoor carpet! Just like your indoor carpet, you also need to clean your outdoor carpet regularly to keep it looking good. Most carpets are resistant to stains. If there is a stubborn stain on your carpet, pour a little washing-up liquid on the carpet and rub it with a sponge or cloth. Then rinse the carpet with water. Also, vacuum your carpet regularly. This way you prevent the dirt from sinking down. And has it rained for a few days? Then hang your carpet to dry in the sun for a few hours on a nice day.

Remove Dirt Regularly:

When it comes to cleaning area rugs, whether it is an indoor one or an outdoor one, you need to remove dirt regularly to stop the dirt from penetrating deep into the rug. The easy and quick way to avoid the settlement of dirt is occasionally shaking your rug with hands. Doing this will help you in removing visible dirt and dust from the surface of the rug. Also, keep an eye out for the dirt present under the rug too, clean this dirt while shaking out the rug. Another way to remove dirt that has made its way into the depth is by scrubbing the rug with a nylon brush using dish soap and water. Once you are done scrubbing it, rinse the rug with a pressurized hose. The best way to rinse the rug is by placing it on a sloped surface to drain out the water completely from the rug. Don’t let your rug absorb too much moisture as it may ultimately cause it to grow mold. 

Use Household Cleaners for any Stains:

It should be remembered that scrubbing removes dirt effectively, however, in case of stains it can also push the dirt deeper and make the stain even more stubborn. You need to blot any stains on the surface of your rug gently. You can also use a variety of cleaning products that are specially designed to address such issues. Salt is a good way to dissolve the stains as it is super absorbent, you just need to sprinkle it on the stain before you start bloating it. There are some other additional options as well for further cleanings like dishwashing detergent and even foam shaving cream. If you are dealing with some really tough stains with the use of above, then you need to take the help of bleach or specific rug/carpet cleaners. Just make sure that your rug is capable of withstanding the intensity of the products you choose by testing a small patch first.

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